Handyman in Memphis, more than just repairs!

Window Cleaning in Memphis
Handyman in Memphis

Professional Window Cleaning

Neading Remodeling is a friendly and professional Handyman in Memphis providing; Pressure Washing, Window Cleaning, home maintenance in Memphis, Handyman in Cordova. We hand clean windows inside and out using glass scrubbers, rubber squeegees, and different types of towels to catch drips and wipe down the tracks and sills in order to make them shine! We use an alcohol based cleaner that is safe for window tint. If there is any heavy paint or dirt debris that will not come off using the scrubbers we can; for an additional fee use professional glass scrapers to remove most debris.

Flat Windows

Pane Windows

Casement Windows

Bay Windows

Storm Windows: Yes even storm windows, we can take apart most storm windows to give them a deep cleaning.

Pressure Washing & Sealing

Pressure Washing in Memphis
Handyman in Memphis

Professional Pressure Washing

We can clean and seal or even stain various surfaces to include;

Concrete, driveways, sidewalks, and padios

Wood, Fences, Decks, and wood siding

Vinyl Siding and Brick